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At Hoist Away Bags we honor the charm and character of the original sail. Every sail has stories, excursions and memories to tell, all through the details of its construction. Let the excursions of your sails live on by allowing us to create new memories as one-of-a-kind Hoist Away Bag products.

We welcome your sails that are ready for “retirement”. We don’t discriminate. We take ALL types, sizes and vintages, even spinnakers. Let us know what you have and we’ll arrange to pick it up or ship it (at our cost).

The crew at Hoist Away Bags is passionate about creating opportunities for more people, young and old to experience the pure joy of being on the water. In support of that goal we contribute to “Learn to Sail” programs of the sail donors choosing.

To donate your sail, drop me a note here to start the conversation: