TOILETRY BAG (Large): Black, Blue & Red (DL8)

TOILETRY BAG (Large): Black, Blue & Red (DL8)


While the medium toiletry kit holds A LOT – the large shown here holds gobs more. Bigger can sometimes be the best plan. These toiletry kits are great for seasoned travelers or for those just getting their flying wings (do airlines still give out wings?!) You’ll love having this lightweight, washable, grab-n-go bag for those important items that keep you fresh and ready for adventure whether it's on Wall Street or for destinations unknown! Perfect for guys and gals. I love adding color to these bags from the retired spinnakers that come my way. Pro Tip: These are not just for toiletries! I’ve had folks share that they use them for art supplies and tools, first aid kit, a great place to keep all your electronic miscellany, etc.

The primary sailcloth used in this bag comes from a J/24 named, “Thriller”.


  • Made in Maine

  • Bag body 100% retired Dacron, sailboat sails.

  • Rust resistant YKK zipper with large zipper pull

  • Loop on one end allows for hanging up

  • Easy care! Spot treat as necessary and Machine Wash! Line Dry

Dimensions: 10" long x 5" wide x 4" deep

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