TOILETRY BAG (Medium): Blue, Orange & Green(DM2)

TOILETRY BAG (Medium): Blue, Orange & Green(DM2)


These toiletry kits are great for seasoned travelers or for those just getting their flying wings (do airlines still give out wings?!)  You’ll love having this lightweight, washable, grab-n-go bag for those important items that keep you fresh and ready for adventure whether it's on Wall Street or for destinations unknown! Perfect for guys and gals. I love adding color to these bags from the retired spinnakers that come my way. Pro Tip: These are not just for toiletries! I’ve had folks share that they use them for art supplies and tools, first aid kit, a great place to keep all your electronic miscellany, etc.

The primary sailcloth used in this bag comes from Troublemaker a 1989 J/22.

  • Made in Maine

  • Bag body 100% retired Dacron, sailboat sails

  • Rust resistant YKK zipper with large zipper pull

  • Loop on one end allows for hanging up

  • Easy care! Spot treat as necessary and Machine Wash! Line Dry

Dimensions: 9" long x 4" wide x 4" deep

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