Frequently Asked Questions


I love your curious minds! I groove on answering your questions and see where we go from there.

The following are a smattering of the most common questions I get asked. What’s that you say, you’ve got one that’s not on here – well then shoot me an email or post your question on either my Facebook or Instagram feed.


Do you really make all these bags yourself?

Indeed I do! It’s the favorite part of what I do. I love that the bags I create are all one-of-a-kind, with their own personality and no two will ever be the same. People have been making things from retired sails for hundreds of years, this is my interpretation of repurposing this sturdy material.


Are these REALLY old sails? They look pretty new (and clean!) to me.

If you only saw what some of these sails looked like when I got them! It’s taken me awhile to figure out how to get them REALLY clean, but I’m glad you noticed they almost sparkle! Some of the bags I work into the design some of the “patina” (aka: rust spots etc.), but overall sails clean up great so why not start out with a clean bag right?


How do you get the stories for the sail legacies?

When the skipper hands over his/her sail I ask him/her a series of questions that delve into the history of the sailboat and their connection to sailing. In general, sailors are great story tellers, so I typically am not lacking for material to create the sail legacy that will be stitched into every item created from their sail. I love hearing the stories. Their eyes start the twinkle almost at the get-go.


Where do you make them?

These are all made in Maine! I’m tucked away in Eliot, Maine in this nifty industrial park (bet no one ever said “nifty” and “industrial park” before!) I’ve got sails spread all over the place in my studio. If you are on 95 going to or from Maine – give me a call and check out where all the creative madness happens! I love visitors.


Can I request a custom bag with a sail number on it?

I would love to create something just for you. As for sail numbers, letters or any graphic that I incorporate into my designs – I only use those that come off the sails. I’m a bit of a purist that way. I have a decent inventory though – so hopefully I have what you are looking for. Often times people share a bit about themselves or the person they are having this made for as a gift and I do my best to pick a piece of sail that has a sail legacy that offers more of a connection too!


Can you wash the bags?

See FAQ #2  :)  The shorter answer is YES! I also have a section on the website that gets into more detail – check out the Bag Care page.


Sails are waterproof, right?

That has to be the #1 question (or more like a statement actually) I get. I totally understand how one might thing sails are waterproof – I mean they are outside all the time in the weather so….  Well, the deal is this. Sails when wet DRY FAST. They don’t hold onto moisture like natural fabrics.