"Splice the mainbrace!" Enamel Mugs

"Splice the mainbrace!" Enamel Mugs


These 12 oz vintage-feel, enameled mugs feature a navy lip and are printed on both the front and back.

The phrase “Splice the mainbrace!” has been around for hundreds of years and IF you have heard it before, you most likely believe it simply means to have a celebratory drink with friends…or just to drink :-).

Alas, these words back in the day truly meant to fix the mainbrace (a very thick and important line on a sailing vessel) by way of splicing. And this command was given typically under duress of cannon fire on the high seas.

In current times, while cannon fire I’m sure exists somewhere, more likely the situation at hand would feel more like the following:

“Upon realization that you’ve successfully avoided sure calamity because your crew, team, department, family, squad, troupe, band, platoon, pack, neighbor, best friend, or that complete stranger and you came together to pull through a difficult situation. Its matters no where said calamity took place nor if it was man-made or of natural forces. To raise this cup and zealously holler, “SPLICE THE MAINBRACE” shows them the high regard you have for their tenacity, good spirits and remarkable skills.” ~Laura Cleminson

I’d be full of joy if together we can give a fresh breeze to this dusty phrase and re-popularize it today and share these acknowledgements with those that rallied around us.

  • 12 oz. metal, white enameled mug with navy colored lip

  • Hand-wash

  • Great for cold or warm beverages

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